Why choose us

KumiteTechnology was approved by multiple organisations. We closely work with Lithuanian Kyokushin Karate Federation, World Kyokushin Organisation Europe (WKO Europe), Kyokushin World Union (KWU), International Federation of Karate Kyokushin (IFK), Russian Karate Association and others.
Clear software interface
Very intuitive to use software. Few core steps to remember, and Your tournament is running smoother than ever
Mobile adaptation
During the tournament 90% of traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is easy to navigate among upcoming bouts for coaches and participants
Wide range of functions
Despite there is already everything needed for Your tournament organisation we always strive to implement new functions helping out during the tournament

About software

The magic of this software is pretty simple: it helps tournament participants, coaches and spectators to plan their time easily, by checking tournament status on their PC or mobile device.

There is no need to check paper draws, and always follow winners – we do that for you!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Core features

Check out our core features available.
We always strive to implement new functions helping out during the tournament
Information & Time
Bout preview panel
Television overlays
  • Upcoming bouts preview
  • After winner is known, you will get most recent draw and upcoming bout information right away
  • Live draw
  • Participants search
  • Live results
  • On different information screens different views can be shown. On this example you can see two screens, one showing only one Tatami upcoming bouts, another showing both tatami upcoming bouts.
  • If your tournament has more than 4 tatami, they can be divided in groups, and shown on one screen with loop rotation every 15 seconds.
  • Information screens are used to show tournament status on big screen TVs.
  • In front of tatami time tracking screen can be shown with: tatami prefix (A), time (3:00), first row stands for warnings (chui), second row stands for points (waza-ari).
  • Timing
  • Participant photos
  • Points/Warnings
  • Extensions
  • Save bout winner
  • Add judges
  • Manage extensions
  • Mark points and warnings
  • Time tracking
  • Mark judge votes for winner
  • Manage tatami controllers
  • Manage bouts
  • Manage draws
  • Add/remove/edit categories
  • Print award certificates
  • Split draws
  • Manage categories
  • Broadcast overlays
  • Each controller can have its own
  • No need to track updates - we do that for you!
  • Only 15 minutes to set up

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professional solution to your problems.

About us

KumiteTechnology is a group of people passionate about Kyokushin karate. We are also very interested in creating a great product which makes karate people lives easier during the tournament. While having more than 10 years of experience in Web development, and more than 20 year experience in Kyokushin karate, we combine those two qualities and and build platform which is easy to use and which saves a lot of time during the organisation of Your tournament.

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